Dance Classes

Creative Movement

30 mins, $65/quarter, ages 2.5-4

A basic introduction to dance that inspires joy for the art of dance while building strength, rhythm, and coordination. Through props, fun music and basic routines, students learn fundamental steps for ballet, tap, jazz, and tumbling.

Ballet & Tap

45 mins, $75/quarter, ages 4-12

Foundational technique and steps for classical ballet and tap. Ballet class includes barre and center floor work for strength and balance, steps across the floor for coordination, turns, leaps and choreography. Tap class uses fun, contemporary music to teach tap steps and rhythm.

Jazz & Hip Hop

30 mins, $60/quarter, ages 4-9

Foundational jazz technique like leaps, turns, kicks, and basic musical theater steps. Age appropriate Hip Hop music and moves teach students rhythm, jumps, floor work, improvisation, and choreography.

Classical Ballet and Pointe

45-75 mins, $75/quarter for 1 class a week, $100/quarter for 2 classes, ages 8-18

Following International Standards for Teaching Dance curriculum, classes develop ballet technique and advanced steps. Ballet curriculum includes a monthly standardized barre, center floor, and progression routine so students build strength, develop technique, and learn leaps, turns, and other movements. Students in pointe shoes will learn strengthening exercises and pointe choreography.

Contemporary Ballet and Modern

35-45 mins, $55/quarter, ages 9-18

Sometimes called lyrical or contemporary, the technical components of several modern and contemporary ballet styles are explored and used in monthly lyrical choreography. Students learn center floor exercises to build technique and strength as well as leaps and turns.


30-40 mins, $55/quarter, ages 8-18

Builds on fundamental class with a more in depth exploration of classical American jazz technique and movement that focuses on building flexibility, strength, expressiveness, and center floor turns, jumps, and choreography.

Hip Hop

35 mins, $55/quarter, ages 8-18

Age appropriate Hip Hop music and moves teach students how to bounce in rythym, improvise, and pick up choreography. Students learn real Hip Hop movements like jumps, turns, slides, footwork, b-boy bounce steps, floor work, popping, locking, and choreography.


35 mins, $55/quarter, ages 9-18

Students learn tap steps, riffs, tricks, and choreography in rhythm to use sounds to enhance music.


30-60 mins, starting at $35, all ages

Call to arrange private or semi-private lessons tailored to your audition, event, or goals. Package rates available.

How to Chose Your Dance Class

Omaha’s Most Popular Toddler Dance Class
Creative movement is offered every day of the week with a variety of daytime, evening, and weekend times to suit any schedule. Creative Movement teachers are energetic and patient as little ones discover the joy of dance through a tested curriculum that uses fun music and props.
Children Ages 4-10
Most Dancers Start with Ballet and Tap for foundational technique. The class includes 30 minutes of ballet barre, center floor work for strength and balance, steps across the floor for coordination, turns, leaps and choreography in addition to 15 minutes of tap to develop rhythm and footwork.
Pre-Teens and Teens
Classes for beginner to advanced pre-teen and teen dancers. Advanced dancers should take Modern and/or Classical Ballet with ala carte classes Jazz, Tap, and/or Hip Hop. Beginner teens and pre-teens should consider Modern Ballet, Jazz, and/or Hip Hop classes that are labelled beginner teen on the schedule. Students may take ala carte classes without taking a ballet class.
Advanced and Serious Dancers
Advanced Ballet classes are available throughout the week so serious students can take multiple technique classes. Intermediate and advanced Jazz, Hip Hop, and Tap classes are available multiple times a week.
Untrained Older Dancers
Beginning teen hip hop and jazz classes for older dancers that are just starting out. We also offer modern/contemporary ballet for older beginners.
Male Dancers
Male dancers are welcome in any class. We have at least one section of Creative Movement, Ballet, Tap, and Hip Hop that contain male dancers.